White rabbit tea time

June 28, 2014

Nottingham City Centre

The building was along a small side street but still close enough to hear the echo of a band and shouting from a nearby market. Inside was small and cozy; the doorway was like a portal into a more proper, intimate way of life. We decided on sandwiches, tea, and cake rather than a proper afternoon tea. The dishes filled up the table.

None of the teapots matched any of the cups nor any of the plates. Our stirrers had beautiful little figurines on the end; sometimes they were just normal little spoons, others boasted of the Queen’s silver and golden jubilees.

Small white rabbits sat on every table while a larger figurine sat on the windowsill in direct view of a clock store across the street, minute and  We must be in Wonderland – and the rabbit must be late for a very important date.

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