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Looking for more info on the Wood-Born wedding? Go here!

In September 2016, my dearest cousin Paisley died in a car accident. She had her own adventure blog (we are very different people - and she is much funnier). I turned her blog into a self-published book, available on amazon here.



Honeymoon Eurotrip

A wedding cancelled by Hurricane Florence countered by an epic honeymoon Eurotrip from Oktoberfest to Italy to Greece.

Crossing Country

A solo journey in a lime-green VW bug across the U.S. through National Parks, to Detroit for the end of the world, a McDonald's walk-in to escape a tornado, and waist-deep into the streams of the Pacific Northwest


    Machu Picchu

    Mike and I tackle Cusco and hike the Inka Trail to Machu Picchu

    English Summer

    Weekend adventures to Mr. Darcy's house, hanging with the gargoyles of Paris, welcoming the solstice at Stonehenge, reuniting with friends in Glasgow and Switzerland. Weekday adventures in power electronics at the University of Nottingham

    Costa Rican Energy

    Solo travels from the Caribbean to the jungle and a study-abroad tour of the geothermal, wind, solar, and bio fuel that keeps Costa Rica running mostly carbon free

    Appalachian Trail

    My friend Terri and I conquer 100 miles from Shenandoah National Park to Harper's Ferry, WV

    Blog Feed

    Venice to Vernazza

    Train: Venice to Florence Mike and I got to the train station two hours early like we were catching an international flight. But we are in Italy now where trains seem to be able to do what they want and we waited and waited. The growing crowd of nervous train departure screen watchers grew and …

    Venice: Photoshoot

    All photo credit goes to Anthony who we found on AirBnb Experiences – here is his instagram: So, we did a thing and I’m in love. (With both the boy and the photos.)