Hotsprings and hikes

Boise, Idaho

6/5/2011 – 6/7/2011

On Sunday everyone went to Kayak some class 4 and 5 rapids while I served as the shuttle driving Nate’s Prius from bank to bank (btw the Prius was super cool). While waiting for them to float down the river (or surf or paddle or whatever it is they do) I went up to some reported hot springs. This water was actually incredibly hot (like I almost burned my foot) but there was also a lot of midday nudity and the hike there took longer than expected so I left pretty quickly.

It’s been nice to kind of just relax and explore this town. Both the flying M and Java had really good coffee stuff, guidos had excellent New York Style Pizza, and today I went to a restaurant solely devoted to French fries, made from varying Idaho potatoes of course and cut in a multitude of styles. One of the first nights I was here, they took me to a restaurant downtown that grows hops around the outdoor seating, only buys local, and has a worm farm in the basement to compost all their trash.

I never noticed how much William and Mary gear I have accumulated. Before leaving, I actually thought about buying another couple shirts, fearful I didn’t have enough to properly represent the university. But between my hoodie and bag, I have been stopped so many times with stories of William and Mary graduates. Bicycling around Boise State a man watching over three boys on scooters told me about his wife who graduated a couple years ago, was on the volleyball team, and majored in psychology. A woman at one of the campgrounds said a friend worked in IT. Some of Jamie’s friends from gradschool had gone to William and Mary. The guy who served me French fries today used to live in Alexandria and loves William and Mary. I guess living so close to the school, I knew it was good, but I never understood its reputation and that a place so small could have such a widespread and lasting impression. It’s really cool.

My schedule for the rest of the summer will be five eight-day work periods with several 5 to more than 5-day breaks in between. Should be fun.

also, minor side note: my charger is back!!! (thank you so much Lydia!)

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