Dark Knight Rises into taxidermy hell

Wollaton Hall

July 5, 2014

In England, you don’t have to travel far to find grand houses. In fact, you can stumble upon them during your morning run. Like this gem, Wollaton Hall, or as we call it, Batman’s House. You may recognize the exterior as Bruce Wayne’s house in Dark Knight Rises.

I’ll be honest though. While the exterior is impressive and we went on an absolutely gorgeous day (aka sunlight!), Chatsworth had spoiled me too much to be impressed by the interior. Actually, the interior was a little weird. The few rooms focused on the house itself resembled storage closets more than anything else. One had easels up against the wall with plans to turn the grounds into a dinosaur park. Which, you know, was odd. The remaining rooms contained remenances from when the house was a natural history museum and are filled with pinned specimens, taxidermied mammals, and plastered versions of whatever was missing/couldn’t be taxidermied.

The paths surrounding the nearby lake were an excellent Saturday afternoon stroll for Jill and I. The gardens were filled with life of all sizes.

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