Sherwood Foresters

June 28, 2014

I thought it was great the people of Nottingham had enough humility to name their regiment the Sherwood Foresters. Even better, their uniforms were a very Robinhood-cloak green.

I stopped to read some of the war stories printed on plaques beneath each collection of medals. Each proved to be a little snippet of a long-forgotten event in an otherwise infamous war. The story for the particular medals pictured above made me laugh out loud in an otherwise somber and respectful setting. Not that someone being gravely injured is funny, but the way this particular man was injured is very reminiscent of a Monty Python skit.

“Private George Whitworth

9th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters

For his most gallant action and leadership on September 26th 1916, near Ovillers, when the officer of his platoon along with several of the NCO’s had become casualties, he took command of the platoon. When the order to advance was given he mounted the parapet and led his men across “No Mans Land” in the face of intense rifle and machine gun fire. He had not gone far when he was wounded in both hands, but he remained at the head of his men and continued to lead the charge until wounded in both legs. He sustained six wounds in all and did not give in until quite unable to stand on his feet.“

Tis only a flesh wound

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