Rocket man burning into Nottingham

Sir Elton John concert – Nottingham, England

June 24, 2014

During the ride home the previous night from the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, our especially gregarious cabbie talked up the Beatles and other old-school British pop bands while his carefully crafted mixed CD played in the background. As were about to get out and head to the dorms, he mentioned that Elton John was playing in downtown Nottingham the next night. What luck! Nadia, Ryan, and I immediately booked the three cheapest seats left. The concert was amazing. A half hour of an electronic pop band opener called Bright Light Bright Light and then two and a half solid hours of Elton John. Which I thought was amazing – he would do solo’s by himself every now and then to give the band a break, but he never took one himself, except for before the encore. He played almost every song I’ve ever heard of and more. The huge crowd stood almost the entire time and sang along. Right before the show as we stood in line for beer, we chatted up this older British guy who wore an outfit he claimed was modeled after what Elton wore to his 1984 wedding. Though the cheap seats in the ice-rink-converted-to-stadium had warned of an obstructed view, I think we got a great deal with a perfect sight of the stage.

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