Costa Rica GREEN Program: Day 4 (1/11/14)

Tenorio Volcano National Park

The hike was muddy to say the least. I definitely fell at least once. I think Amulya fell like three times. Most of us developed the strategy of hopping from stone to stone, but this only seemed to delay the inevitable layer of mud that caked every tourist’s shoes.

But it was so worth it. This is the only publicly available trail in the park; I had the distinct feeling I was on the edge of some other world. Paths lead to nowhere. Unnaturally bright blue water came with the reeking smell of sulfur. When two clear rivers met, their chemistry mixed and formed a bright blue concoction. Rickety bridges had posted weight limits. An observation platform at the end of the trail had us squinting through the setting sun for a view of mountains of trees in the distance.

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