GREEN Program – Day 2 (1/9/14)

In the morning I got the non-English speaking hotel attendant to call me a cab with a non-English speaking driver. $180 and an hour later I made it to the hotel, just in time to quickly meet my roommate and head to wind class.

The day got better.

After Frank, our instructor, briefed us on wind technology, Ever and Konrad, our guides, passed out helmets and t-shirts. We piled into the bus and were off to tour the wind farms. At the edge of a hill, at the convergence of temperatures from the atlantic and pacific, the wind was almost strong enough to pick you up and fly.

In the afternoon we played soccer (or futbol) in the field of a local school. A few of the local Tico’s laughed at us from the road. I was good for a while until my duck tape bandages slipped off my ankles and both of my blisters from the Corcovado hike popped. The last ten minutes I limped around the enemy’s territory, watching the action on the other end. Until a stray ball was kicked straight toward me, I sucked up the pain, and scored the winning goal for the team. Nailed it.

That evening we toured our hotel’s farm [complete with cows and methane recycling and efficiency lighting and stuff], listened to the previous session’s capstone presentations, and went dancing at the local bar.

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