In the morning I went on a 4 hour hike with a member of the family who owns the land the hostel sits on. Afterward, he invited Bjoern, a solar panel dude from Portland, and I to his place and his mom made us coffee. We sipped on it, as chickens, puppies, and locals rushed by. Our guide’s mom shuffled around the kitchen as a toddler tried to break free of the doorway’s gate so she could join in all the action.

It was simultaneously the most relaxed and happening place ever.

I noticed the solar panel atop our guide’s house. He told Bjoern and I that for $2/month, his family leases the panel from the electric company, and it seems to be enough to power a couple of light bulbs and the tv. Back home, the tv would be the center of everyone’s attention. Here, it was all of life scrambling about – I hadn’t even noticed he owned a tv.

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