Lotus Garden Hotel


If I thought I had booked the last room in Cahuita, Puerto Viejo on New Years Eve was even worse. It felt like the party town on the beach for both locals and tourists. I split a $40 hotel room here, finding it two nights before on booking.com of all places, the bright red text warning me to hurry up and put my credit card information in because it was the last room! Despite being close to everything, it ending up being a quiet respite from the chaos on the street. I think the Japanese/Zen theme helped somehow. The rooms were slightly dilapidated but mostly quiet. There was hot water in the shower and wifi in the restaurant so i was happy. And they respected and loved the wildlife. Two or three sloths actively live there (though we only saw one) and some unidentified snake species slithered past as the manager took us to the room.

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