Costa Rica

I made it!

Mike dropped me off before dawn, driving through chilly pouring rain to Dulles airport. When the plane took off it immediately entered the rain clouds and didn’t lose them until several hours later when we were out of the US. But here it is sunny and warm, exactly as hoped.

Lesson 1: I probably should have planned better. woops.

Lesson 2: Everything still works itself out, as I also predicted. Hence the non-planning

Other peopleĀ planned – so I just used their plansĀ until I could make my own. I befriened Sasha at the airport as Taxi drivers looking for hire bombarded me from every direction. I caught her shuttle to the hostel I am now staying at, Pangea, complete with mazes of hallways, a pool, bar, and mysterious wifi. And, through several frustrating hours jumping between the public computers and the nice coordinator-of-things-spanish-speaking woman downstairs, I am headed to the west coast tomorrow by way of the Pacuare river (woo class III-V rapids!). Ringing in the new year on the Caribbean.

Now, off to food and non figuring out what I am going to things!

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