Another beginning

Quickly, a catch up timeline:

May 2011 – August 2011: Epic Cross Country Roadtrip

August 2011 – May 2012: Epic Internship at Oak Ridge National Lab

May 2012: Epic Graduation from William and Mary

June 2012: Epic Sleep

July 2012 – TBD: Epic Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech

I regret to say that as of late I have not been attentive in recording my adventures. Tennessee itself was one big journey composed of lots of little expeditions: hikes and plane rides among the smokey mountains, pub crawls in Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis, the never dull investigations at a National Laboratory, living in an apartment for the first time, watching the boomsday fireworks and learning rocky top, being a real person away from school. But to spell out all of these adventures right now feels like such a Herculean task – especially when I’m only just beginning to acknowledge that smaller adventures deserve as much recording as the epic cross-country ones. Last week I moved to Blacksburg, Virginia to begin engineering school and study power systems. This alone will make me incredibly busy with little free time without adding finding a job and some research – which will make tiny adventures all the more important – a respite from the chaos, a chance to get to know this new place, fun. I’m hoping for an “adventure” a week, which may be a tall order (or just full of incredibly dull adventures, though I suppose you will be the judge of that.) So, onward!

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