Baby Lucy rolls in with an earthquake


Four hours later, I arrived in Raleigh, North Carolina. My newest cousin Lucy had arrived the day before, just minutes after an earthquake surprisingly shook the east coast. The Cooksons like to arrive in style.

I babysat children for a few years in high school and I see babies in strollers and stuff all the time ā€“ but Iā€™m never really actually around them and I never get to hold them. And then here is beautiful baby Lucy, barely able to open her eyes and fast asleep in my arms. We took lots of pictures ā€“ mostly to make her big sister Paisley jealous for being away at college and not here. Aunt Lauren, Uncle Andy and I whispered in conversation in the big quiet room before my uncle and I got dinner. After traveling for so long, being here solidified that I was actually coming home.

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