…and then I drove 20 hours

The drive was broken up by a short nap is Roswell, but really this kind of sucked. Slowly but surely I had been moving west for days, but now it was crunch time and I needed to get moving. As I moved toward areas of greater population, the radio came back into my life to break up the doldrums of the desert landscape. I thought it would be nice to listen to some country music in Texas, and though I hate popular country, maybe more local, classic country would be ok. But alas despite my best efforts to be open minded, I was beginning to fall asleep. Last year comedian/actor/rapper Donald Glover did a show at William and Mary and in part of his routine he recounts attending a Kanye West concert in Texas, in which the majority-white crowd communally shouts the n-word while singing his latest single. So, in true form I listened to My Dark Twisted Fantasy for a very long time.

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