Yosemite National Park

“Oh, what a grand time Roosevelt and Muir had together in Yosemite for those three memorable days. They hiked to and camped in many of the most beautiful spots in Yosemite, including Bridal Veil Falls, where they had a fantastic view of El Capitan and Ribbon Falls gushing down from the valley’s north rim. Religious metaphors filled Roosevelt’s writing about Yosemite, with Muir serving as his Old Testament guide through the wilderness.” – The Wilderness Warrior

Yosemite was perhaps just as busy as Yellowstone, but it felt like I was in central park and not a car advertisement. Everyone was busy in rafts, Bridal picnicing, climbing rocks to reach the lower falls, and biking. This is probably heresy to write, but, I didn’t see the big deal. It was gorgeous and I wish I could have gone on a longer more backwoods hike. And I know it’s considered an international world heritage site or something. And I should learn more about it’s geological significance. But…it’s a rock face with a few waterfalls, which are beautiful but not terribly unique. Sorry Yosemite, you’re not my fav.

Though I didn’t get to see it, I did like Hetch Hetchy. Whenever I go to these big cities, my mind will eventually trail to how all of these magnificent things are powered. Coal isn’t big out here – is it nuclear? Water? Renewables? For San Francisco, one, among many is the Hetch Hetchy dam, though it is perhaps the most controversial dam save the Three Gorges in China in that it occurs in the middle of a National Park. I don’t know enough on the subject to have an opinion, but I find the whole thing incredibly interesting.

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