Free stuff

When we had been ousted once again by a potential stream, we ended up taking the day off, allowing Jaime to recollect her thoughts and search through more data. Meanwhile, Chris, Paul, and I roamed around the small town an hour outside of Port Angeles. It must have been Saturday (you lose all sense of weekdays in the forest) as there was a block-long farmers market set up with a live band, lots of artsy booths, and some barbecue on the grill. After walking through this, we moved on to window shopping the small boutiques along the main road. We finally stopped at some large store that called itself the Co-op. It was customer appreciation day and free cake was being handed out everywhere as we were pressed into the raffle ticket line in the center of the store. We each spun the magical wheel of prizes: I won an apple-pie candle that later melted in Chris’ truck and a pen, Chris got an aluminum water bottle, and Paul got a heavy duty trashcan. Hence the pictures of me in the trashcan. The thing did actually become useful as a sort of dry storage in the bed of the truck.

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