Ferry to Canada

Port Angeles, WA to Vancouver, BC Canada to Whistler, BC Canada


The next morning I drove to Port Angeles, bought some groceries, stamped my passport at the official office of Olympic National Park (I mean I am living here, might as well have proof), and headed for the ferry. I missed the 12:45 by ten minutes so I cued in line for the 5 p.m. and walked around the town, admiring the twilight paraphernalia as the movie was shot nearby.

The ferry turned out to be quite expensive (like 120 to get to Vancouver)…and long. I had thought I would be in Whistler midday and instead I got in at about 2am. Parking in such confined places with my still shaky manual skills was also interesting as I shoveled peanut butter m&ms in my mouth to calm my nerves. At the border the scary passport-checking guy asked me if I had any groceries. Though I had just bought some in Port Angeles, this fact had completely erased from my mind, and I quickly looked around the car for something to say. Sheepishly I replied, “M&Ms?”. He laughed and let me go.

Despite the complaints, the ride was still gorgeous, like being on a three hour cruise ship. It was also Canada Day, some tempered down version of the 4th of July and everyone was decked out with Canadian face paint, t-shirts, and flag-cloaks. It was fantastic to watch, but a little disappointing I missed out on the festivities.

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