Couch surfing: Eric!


Purdue University, Indiana

Miles: 1400 ish

Having dawdled too much in Bloomington (not that this was a bad thing), I decided to not drive very far and instead surprise my friend Eric who was just two hours north. Eric and his friend Kevin are pretty remarkable. Fresh off of their visit to quad-rugby nationals (also known as murderball, you should really watch the movie!) for the third year in a row with their team the East Coast Cripplers, Eric and Kevin just received a scholarship to go to flight school at Purdue University. For much of the time I was there they were engrossed in some flight simulator, tossing around flying terminology and yelling at each other whenever they crashed (which was quite often). The campus was completely deserted as it was that awkward period between the end of spring semester and the beginning of summer classes and the dorm they were placed in was all single rooms, so even if people were there they were most likely inclined to being antisocial. The school didn’t even have internet up. With boredom looming and little else to do we went to pizza hut. Literally this was the highlight of the evening. Later Eric and I watched tv, alternating between a special on marriage in prisons from the national geographic channel and robot wars on the science channel.

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