Freakin Twilight

In previous entries I may have awkwardly sprinkled a few twilight references in there, but here is the full scoop. I hate twilight. To be fair to the…saga?…I have not read any of the books, nor seen any of the movies. One friend who read the books described it as watching a train wreck, another [cough, Paisley, cough] just won’t stop drooling over all of the Abs, and another woman I babysat for who was highly Christian chided that the books were very sinful, but she read them anyways – and I should read them too. Or not.  Yet somehow I ended up all over the peninsula where they were filmed. Forks was perhaps the worst as most of the filming occurred there. One shop had “Welcome to the Twilight zone” on its sign while another hotel boasted, “Edward Cullen didn’t sleep here!” There was a “Dazzled by Twilight” company that sold both twilight tours of the area and souvenirs. In the one restaurant we went into, a simply named pizza place, there were brochures detailing that the hardware store we just bought tarps at was where Bella worked and that Forks high school was just down the road and to the left – but remember, it’s still a functioning high school, so please keep your creepy selves away and let the students learn. The Quileute Indian Reservation which Jacob was supposedly a part of, was much more toned down though, there was a tiny “Jacob’s coffee shop” which had posted signs for Vampire parking only.