July 4, 2014

I spent America’s birthday in the country of our oppressors. I had to work – as it’s obviously not a national holiday here. And in a British pub I watched European teams play soccer in a South American country. Every now and then I would be asked who I was rooting for and I would bark back “America!”. No grilling, lazy rivers, or fireworks. The thing I missed most, though, was my annual watching of 1776 the musical.

Dr. Benjamin Franklin: If I’m to hear myself called an Englishman, sir, I assure you I prefer I’d remained asleep.

John Dickinson: What’s so terrible about being called an Englishman? The English don’t seem to mind.

Dr. Benjamin Franklin: Nor would I, were I given the full rights of an Englishman. But to call me one without those rights is like calling an ox a bull. He’s thankful for the honor, but he’d much rather have restored what’s rightfully his.

John Dickinson: When did you first notice they were missing, sir?